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Gripper rod

Manufacturing meth.

Injection moulding


PAS 60X/80X or PAS 80X CF10


Various weaving machine manufacturers

Component description, application environment, function

The gripper rod comprises a rapier, a rapier guide, the gripper head and the guide piece at the end of the gripper, which are assembled to a joint component. In the process, the rapier provides a positive-fit connection between the gripper rod and the drive pulley, which provides the cyclical linear motion of the gripper rod. The gripper rod itself is used to transport and hand over the filling thread during the weaving process.

Design, choice of material, manufacturing technique

The combination of very high acceleration and deceleration values means that a high degree of resistance to wear and excellent damping properties are required. Both types of material offer particularly good properties in this respect. The rapier is injection-moulded, and together with the drive pulley is the defining component - in terms of the quality of guidance during the translation process - and therefore also for the positioning accuracy during handover of the thread. Thanks to the machining process after injection moulding and the specially developed after-treatment procedures, the material is brought to optimum moisture and tension levels. As a result, high surface pressures can be absorbed and a long service life is achievable.

Special customer benefits

  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • Outstanding damping properties
  • Good tribological characteristics thanks to the dry lubricant in the material
  • Consistent quality and cost-effective production